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Bangla Love Qoutes


ami bolte chai, bolte pari nai. ami zanate chai, janate pari nai. ami bujhate chai, bujhate pari nai, aj somoy eseche tai bolchi. tumi amar basay murgi churi korte keno giyechile ? uttor dao !
Jibone valobasa asar purbe hajar bochor eka thaka jay, kintu valobasar por ek muhurto O eka thaka jay na. ar valoasar manushti kichu somoyer jonno kache na thekle mon ta kemon bekul hoye thake take kace pabar jonno, hoyto ba etai valobasa.
” যখন কোন পুরুষ কোন নারীকে ভালোবাসে, তখন সে তার জন্যে সব কিছু করতে পারে, কেবল তাকে ভালোবেসে যেতে পারে না ” । ( অস্কার ওয়াইল্ড )
hote pare mon thke dure tothafi royecho mor noyon pur a. hoyto tumi nei ai ridoy a tobuo royecho porosheri e vitore, karon valobashi sudhui tomare.
tumi amr dristi shimar baire hote paro, kintu ame ridoy theke dure noy. tumi amr nagaler baire jete paro, kintu amr mon theke dure noy. ami tmr kache kichu na hote pari, but tumi amr jiboner sob kichu.
“I love you যত সহজে বলা যায়- “আমি তোমাকে ভালোবাসি” ততো সহজে বলা যায় না।”
a nisthur prithibite sotti karer valobasa paowa boro day. sobai misti kotha bole mon vulate chay, ashole thake karo mone valobasa , sarther lagi kache ache mone onno asha, sartho uddhar hole mone dukkho diye kete pore.
normal hater suit lekha, bondhu ami very eka, cader gaye josna makha, monta amr bhison faaka, faka monta puron koro, ektu amay soron koro.
” যে ভালোবাসা পেলো না, যে কাউকে ভালোবাসতে পারলো না, সংসারে তার মত হতভাগা কেউ নেই ” । ( কীটস)
joto durei hariye jao, ami tomake khuje ber korboi, jotoi por vabo amay, ami tomake apon kore neboi. jotoi ghrina koro amay, ami chiro din evabei tomake valobese jabo. jotoi pashan hok tmr mon, oi mone amr jonno valobasar ful futaboi.
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” সত্যিকারের ভালোবাসা হলো অনেক টা প্রেতাত্মার মত, এটা নিয়ে সবাই কথা বলে, কিন্তু শুধুমাত্র কয়েকজনই এর দেখা পায় ” । ( রচেপ উকোল্ড )
Love is just love and love from the eyes, love is from anger, hatred is love, love is from humiliation, even love is shame. Love is hidden in every chromosomes of the human race. He got a little chance when he got up – Humayun Ahmed.
tmi sei kobita, ja proptidin vabi…. likhte parina, tmi sei chobi ja kolpona kori, …. akte pari na. tumi sei valobasa, ja protidin chai,…… kintu ta kokhonoi pai na.
kauke abeger valobasa dio na moner valobasa dio, karon abeger valobasa ek din bibeker kache here jabe R moner valobasa chiro din theke zabe.
Believe me, I did not come to be a poet, I did not come to be a leader-I came to give love, I came to love- I did not love this because I took this loveless silence from the earth and I went for a peaceful life forever – Kazi Nazrul Islam.


Boys and girls can be friends, but they must fall in love with each other. Maybe for a very short time, or at the wrong time Or too late, or not for all time. But they will fall in love – Humayun Ahmed.
I am standing by my hand to take your love, give me how much love will give me, in exchange for a heart that will never return …
I found you in search of life, I loved you when i am going to love me, I did not know what is defination of love, but you have taught me.
I don,t know who you are … and why I call you, I wake you up and sit alone, you are my unseen dream, you are my fantasy princess.
You loved me in a little bit, so I love you as like a crazy, the whole life i want to live with you.
Keep in mind that wherever you are rescued, remember me all your life, wherever I live, I remember you all the time, my safe haven in your chest.
Second, third, fourth, there is nothing called the fifth love. When people fall in love, each love is the first love – Humayun Azad
Bangla Love Qoutes in english
Love is a kind of illusion where men see a woman different from other women and women see a man different from another man – Louis MacNey.
Love is an ideal affair and marriage is real. Ideal and reality contradiction will not be so confused – The Goethe
For those who fall for love, brightness is like the stars in the sky – the Johnson
Love is like cigarette, which starts with fire, and ends with ashes-George Bernard Shaw.
Smoke, money and love can not be kept under control – Sankar
More fun to love than getting love – George Chapman.
Love is the ultimate expression of self-determination – Hall. Rook. Jackson.
Love devours women’s shame, enhances man-ja Paul Bushar.
The love that can not be found, the person who does not love anyone, there is no one like him in the world – Kits.