"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." I can feel you looking at me through the screen. However, like most of the phrases that seem ambiguous like excessive use, this is true! Breakfast is urgent! I know this may seem tempting. I mean, hey, I'm even stuck in the belief that the advice I hear on how to avoid this diet will somehow negate the magic and help me lose weight. However, the most important thing you can do to prepare for a successful day is to start with a delicious and nutritious breakfast. I know it can be a real struggle for any one of us. Who has time to prepare and cook food? And how do you know where to start? My friends, I'm here to show you! I'm going to guide you through my favorite healthy weight-loss breakfast so you can make your morning routine quick and easy - your earth-flavored granola bars are gone! 20 delicious morning recipes will make your healthy eating for a busy morning feel like a breeze and taste better than the sacrifice you made for a new healthy lifestyle! ১. You already know all about the power of oatmeal during the night, but sometimes the extra effort to boil a little water for your cup doesn't seem so interesting. The solution here: make about 5 jars of mason for each working day to keep in the refrigerator. I like to add a spoonful or two proteins there! Create the perfect combination of macro nutrition to keep you balanced and satisfied all day long. Check out the recipe here! 2. The best thing about chia seed pudding is that it's high in omega-3 and is a nutrient known to balance hormones, reduce inflammation and reduce weight. Adding this energy-filled breakfast to your arsenal is a safe way to reach your fitness goals! Although this delicious recipe requires maple syrup, I prefer to use 100% Stevia or Monk Fruit instead of lowering the glycemic index and keeping it more weight-friendly. Check out the recipe here! ৩. Bell Pepper Pirates Eye Pirates Eye Pirates Eye, whole egg, bread egg ... Although this classic breakfast may have many different names, it's still the family favorite! This variation just adds a new twist to the old classic, making it healthier than ever! Check out the recipe here! ৪. Avocado Toast I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised to see it on one of the lists - models like the Romi Striped have made this breakfast a quick fame! It's quick, easy, delicious and well rounded. So, of course, who doesn't want to try it? Look at the recipe here! ৫. How can the shake bags polish gently? Of course for them pre-packing frozen bags! Literally, it makes it easy to throw a bag full of ingredients at Blender, press a button and boom! There you go! A nutritious meal to nourish throughout the day! Look at the recipe here! Prohibition. Banana pancakes Oh, so you didn't think pancakes would make this list a hoax? Ask yourself! These delicious pancakes are easy to fly and you only need two ingredients: bananas and eggs. You can even find recipes that are vegetarian. Although it may be a little thicker than your traditional pancake for frying, you won't be disappointed! They're delicious! And, of course, if you see a trend here, also healthy. Look at the recipe here! Pro Protein pancakes are a surprise again! I know what you're thinking, "More pancake recipes? I thought this was a healthy breakfast post," but it doesn't disqualify you from making pancakes twice on this list. Search! Look at the recipe here! Article Scroll down to continue reading Article Tough Times to Overcome 3- Don't miss out on this free guide before continuing with the Practical Guide article, which will help you face all the challenges you face now: This guide will help you overcome your limitations and overcome any challenges you may have to live your best life with more confidence. You can download it here for free first and then you can continue reading this article Download the article Scroll down now to continue reading Article 8. Waffle Tortilla Who says the waffle machine is unused because your health kick is not in use? Chat Lounge You can even enjoy egg whites for an extra thin and protein-filled breakfast. Check out the recipe here! 9. Low-calorie ice cream This recipe uses gelatin as the basis for an extraordinarily crunchy meal. While you shouldn't necessarily expect a classic thick tube ice cream, this light and fluffy version is still an excellent alternative. And, because gelatin is 100% protein, you're still immune to these foods.