How I started the vegan bodybuilding diet In the early 25's I made the terrible decision to stop eating animal products and I started the vegan bodybuilding diet. I've had meat heads before. I knew puppies and rice at Tupperware. Packed in my lunchbox every morning before I leave home. When I gained muscle in that diet I felt incomplete. I had a slow attitude, a little energy. - "Will this be my life?" I started asking myself. I didn't think I could get to a destination with the short trip and endless fatigue I had. In high school people used to call me "ashes. It's a Swiss-German word for not driving. Not interested. No address. I didn't have an address. I guess I didn't want to. Only later did I realize that everything could be related to my diet. I was burning, poisoning. In the dark, I was a monkey. The quest for joy means that peasants and hunters from third world countries have had monkeys for centuries. The way they do it sets a trap. In a container full of fruit. The container has two holes, one at the top, one at the bottom. The hole at the top is not big enough to take out the food, the fruit is pulled out from the bottom by the traps. Then they wait. Occasionally a monkey approaches and desperately tries to retrieve the fruit with the upper hole. Farmers or hunters move slowly but the monkey does not allow fruits. It has a competitive demand that the monkey fruit wants to maintain its independence more than it wants. At the moment of life or death, the promising promise did not let it pass. If the monkey simply surrenders, it leads to a free life. In the eyes of dangerous people, it can throw food, extract its organs and escape the scene. However, that was not the case. The monkeys were caught in the trap of joy. Little did I know that I too was trapped in a joy trap created by the food industry. Pleasure versus motivation I am not a great admirer of Sigmund Freud and his theories. However, what I agree with is that every man deals with competing interests. At 2 am, we decide that we want to improve our lives in an instant. The next day we see ourselves moving smoothly on Facebook. This phenomenon can be explained through an inspiring triad. Living people are motivated by three things: saving energy to stimulate pain prevention These 3 motivations are ubiquitous. We want to get in better shape because we see the jealousy of our friends on the beach, we want joy. Or weight criteria, avoid pain, hate to see unhealthy numbers. But perhaps one of the motivations for energy is energy conservation. We want to spend as much energy as possible. If we spend the same fuel tomorrow, we can't survive in the dark. Are you eating fuel or poison? Our food choices are based on inspiring treats. We want to eat simple, energy-dense foods that give our mouths the greatest pleasure. That's why Nutella is so popular around the world that it's perfect for preparing our breakfast.

If we want to live healthy, lose weight and maintain flowering during herbal feeding, we need to eat fuel, not poison.

Fuel consumption: three different factors
Filter your diets with these 3 filters and they will help you stabilize the bay and lose weight. Helps you avoid the pleasure trap.

Filter #1: is vegetarian.
First, nutrition is the key to human health. Second, what most of us consider adequate nutrition is not "" - Dr. Colin Campbell

If we have anything to understand, it's not a super pack of meat and dairy.

One gram of fiber is not found in animal products. Fiber helps us to feel full and feeds on our healthy intestinal microbiome. In addition, plant-based foods contain 33 times more antioxidants than animal products [[1].

Filter No. 2: is not processed.
The powers of Mother Nature cannot be filled as pills. - Dr. Michael Greger, MD

The food is not luxuriously packaged. Most of the best food options are available on the island of production.

You can often find salt, sugar and other artificial sweeteners added to processed foods. Processed foods (even vegans) often contain less fiber. For example, brown rice should be preferred over white rice, because white rice is a processed product. Its fibre content has decreased.

I have only seen the excellent results of my customers changing brown rice with brown rice in their diet.

Filter #3: It's difficult.
All of our calories should always come in form